Marie Hoffman VO

Money, Mind, Choices
My Bear-y Interesting Night
Tea Can Wait
The Ancient Black Hebrews and Arabs
Missygirl the Calico Cat
Marie breathes life into a wide range of audiobook genres, including both fiction and non-fiction books for adults and children.
© 2017 Marie Hoffman VO

Inmates of My House 
and Garden
Child Discipline Made Easy 
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"I’m very pleased with the quality of her work and would 
not hesitate to work with her again.” 
— Anthony Clark, Editor, Pomegranate Publishing – London
"Her voice was soothing, and her multiple character voices were spot on." — Terri B., ACX Reviewer

"You have brought Missygirl to life in ways that few others are capable of doing. I thank you.” 
— Neil E. Clement, Author, “Missygirl, the Calico Cat”

“I had to read for my college class. A lot of good life lessons!” 
— Amazon Customer

"This book is a sensitive, yet sensible guide, that teaches you how to use discipline along side with love, making it much more effective." — Amazon Customer
"'s a cool way to slip some science and education into your kid's night without them noticing." — Amazon Customer 
"Here, there were woods and shrubberies, a lake, and a large garden that offered a field for Mrs. Brightwen's zoological and insect observations." — Publisher's Summary