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"Warmth with Wisdom"
"From the very first sample, I knew Marie was my narrator of choice. She understands the emotional experiences of the characters that she narrates with compassion and fondness. Working with her was an absolute pleasure." 

Ellen Gendelman, Author
“When Ice Cream Is Not Enough”

"Marie Hoffman narrates this fictionalized Holocaust memoir composed of three parallel stories told in the first person. In a soft voice Hoffman becomes Krakow-born Lena, an old woman talking of her childhood, when, from the ages of 3 to 7, she was hidden in Nazi-occupied Poland by kindly Gentile farmers. Hoffman uses a Polish accent sparingly for this version of Lena. Part 2 is also told by Lena, who is now a Christian. In heavily accented Polish, she describes her life after WWII to Americans who are seeking their ancestors. The third voice is that of a Polish priest who is seeking absolution for having denounced the Jewish Lena and protecting the Christian one. Told as oral history that lacks the interviewer's voice, THREE VOICES is sometimes confusing and often sad but worth the listen." 

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Portland, Maine

"I'm so sorry this is the last one in the series! Marie Hoffman's narration was superb."

Audible reviewer
"Dancing With a Ghost"

“The narrator, Marie Hoffman, did a great job telling the story. Her voice was soothing, and her multiple character voices were spot on. I have read this book in the Kindle version, but listening to it again in audio is like experiencing a whole new book. The narration breathes life into this tale.” 

Terri B. – ACX reviewer
“Tea Can Wait”

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"The narration is spot on, making Teresa's life come alive. The character voices are excellent and the delivery took me on an emotional journey."

Audible reviewer
"Mail-Order Kid: An Orphan Train Rider's Story"

"Marie Hoffman has narrated three books for me so far. I'm impressed with her ability to create atmosphere and set the tone from scene to scene. A cozy mystery has a blend of suspense and dark humor, and Marie does both well. Some passages were even more spooky and effective than I remembered writing them. Her voice choices were spot-on, and she has a diverse range for characters, so it's always easy to tell who's talking. All three of our projects were completed on time and with ample communication along the way. I would highly recommend Marie Hoffman as a narrator." 

Angela Pepper, Author
Angela Pepper Publishing
“Restless Spirits Cozy Ghost Mysteries”

"Narrator Marie Hoffman's vocal tone may sound gentle and innocent, but her performance of this exceptional audiobook is anything but. She presents this material with the clarity and confidence necessary for listeners to understand the author's enlightening research and insights. The scope and organization of this research are impressive. Literary and cultural references abound as the author explains what her surveys and other research reveal about romantic love--why we fall victim to it, how it affects people, how we recover from it, and how it can morph into a healthy romantic partnership. Much of this writing is sensitive, lyrical, even sentimental. Here, too, Hoffman's interpretations are faithful to those threads but never overplayed. She never allows the sentimental elements to overshadow the intellectual bounty."

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Portland, Maine