Marie Hoffman VO

From the very first sample, I knew Marie was my narrator of choice. She understands the emotional experiences of the characters that she narrates with compassion and fondness. Working with her was an absolute pleasure from the first step until the audio was placed on the market. Her willingness to please the author and carefully listen to my preferences exemplified respect. And, the respect was certainly mutual as Marie knows what she is doing and does it with dedication and commitment. One of my clients listened to her sample and was blown away.  

Ellen Gendelman, Author
“When Ice Cream Is Not Enough”

“I have listened, couldn’t stop listening actually, and I can tell you in all honesty that your narration of my book is simply brilliant. I congratulate you on the fine job you have done here. If I had interviewed a thousand people, I don’t believe I could have found anyone who could have done this better. It shows you really put your heart into every word. You have brought “Missygirl, the Calico Cat, to life in ways that few others are capable of doing. I thank you.”  

Neil E. Clement, Author 
“Missygirl, the Calico Cat, Books 1 and 2 Combined”

“I am overjoyed and very pleased by your professional and easy-to-listen narration of my book. Your excellent production has been turned into a fine work of artistic talent. Thank you so much, Marie, for bringing so much warmth to the recording. With my deep appreciation, Bernard.” 

Bernard Levine, Author 
“The Secrets of the Jewish World”

“The narrator, Marie Hoffman, did a great job telling the story. Her voice was soothing, and her multiple character voices were spot on. I have read this book in the Kindle version, but listening to it again in audio is like experiencing a whole new book. The narration breathes life into this tale.” 

Terri B. – ACX reviewer of “Tea Can Wait”

“I thought your narration was fabulous!” 

Bryan Wilton, Author 
“Inguz, Developing the God Seed”

“Marie is an experienced producer of audiobooks who I’ve worked with on two occasions. She is professional, easy to work with, and completes work within deadlines. The first time I worked with Marie, her audition stood out! Her pleasant-sounding voice and skillful narrative style were the main reasons I selected her out of all the other auditions. I’ve been very pleased with the quality of her work. I would not hesitate to work with her again.”  

Anthony Clark, Editor 
Pomegranate Publishing – London

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